Proposed Burning Ban Nearly Buried, But Not Dead

Proposed Burning Ban Nearly Buried, But Not Dead

Democracy Wins

One month ago, Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) opened up Governor Herbert’s proposed winter-long wood burning ban to public comment.

Despite most of the public meetings occurring during work hours, hundreds attended hearings across the state, more than 1,000 public comments were submitted and more than 3,400 citizens have signed the petition and sent their messages to the government.

Thanks to the public turnout, comments and petitions received, Bryce Bird, director of the DEQ, said that the proposed ban will be revised. Responsible Utahns like you spoke out and were heard!

More Work Ahead

Thank you for making this possible! However, our work is not done. We’re waiting on pending legislation that may put a lid on this issue and allow Utahns to burn responsibly. However, there’s also still a chance for restrictive regulation to enter the rulebooks.

The next step is to ensure that any new regulation allows Utahns the freedom to burn responsibly. If we let up now, we may open ourselves up to closed-door rule-changing on this issue.

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