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Thanks to the public turnout, comments and petitions received, Bryce Bird, director of the DEQ, said that the proposed burning ban will be revised. Responsible Utahns like you spoke out and were heard – thank you for your support!

Now a bill has just been introduced in the Legislature to establish a formal two-stage burn program that would exempt low-emission hearth products from the first stage of the program and allow folks the freedom to use other wood-burning appliances on winter days when the air is clean. Without this bill, the DAQ could reintroduce Governor Herbert’s all-out burning ban regulation at any time! We urge you to support Representative Dee as he works to get this bill passed.


  1. Find out who represents you. Go to Utah State Legislature web page, type in your address and zip code and identify your legislators.

  2. Write to your Senator and Representative. You can use the talking points below to help draft your letter or e-mail.

  3. Write to your local newspaper. Using the same talking points, make sure local media know about your support.


Dear Madam or Sir,

Everyone in Utah cares about air quality and our collective good health. During these winter months, many of us rely on wood-burning heat sources to keep our homes warm.  That’s why I am a strong supporter of important legislation (H.B. 396) to reduce wood burning emissions and improve our air.

This bill, introduced in the Utah Legislature by Representative Brad Dee, encourages Utahns to burn wood responsibly using modern, EPA-certified wood or pellet stoves.  These lower-emission hearth products are proven to cut smoky emissions by up to 90 percent.  Specifically, Rep. Dee’s bill creates a two-stage burning program which:

    • Allows for the use of non-certified devices on clean (green) days
    • Allows for the use of EPA-certified and low-emission hearth products on stage one restricted (yellow) days
    • Prohibits all wood burning on stage two restricted (red) days

Just as important, the legislation would also prevent Utah’s Division of Air Quality (DAQ) from implementing Governor Herbert’s all-winter burning ban.

Exempting low-emission stoves and inserts from the first stage of a burn ban is a common-sense solution for cleaning the air, preserving basic freedoms and encouraging upgrades to cleaner technology.  I urge the legislature to enact H.B. 396 this session.




City, UT

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