Public Hearing Update – Farmington & Provo

Public Hearing Update – Farmington & Provo

Hundreds of Utahns voiced their concerns about the Governor’s proposed wood burning ban regulation during the last of the public hearings in Provo and Farmington. Several media outlets covered the hearings where, a vast majority stood up in favor of Utahns retaining the freedom to burn wood responsibly. See news and social media highlights below.

At the Farmington hearing, Davis County Resident Bryan Myers said, “currently during inversions we have red burn days… burning is already unlawful during red burn days, and homeowners, being overwhelmingly law-abiding, do not burn their appliances during these times.”

At the hearing in Provo, Utah resident Kim Orndorff declared “I would do anything I could to make it more efficient. But I will continue to burn wood.”

Don Armstrong from Southern Utah County says DAQ needs to help:

I don’t burn on red burn days, I try not to burn on yellow and try to be a concerned citizen… I’m just trying to supplement my income because I’m on social security. There’s a lot of us, senior citizens, and we can’t afford the gas. Just be reasonable and help us out a little bit.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to make it to the hearings, see other ways you can get involved.