Utahns for Responsible Wood Burning: Committed to Lower Emission Hearth Products and Better Air for Utah

Utahns for Responsible Wood Burning: Committed to Lower Emission Hearth Products and Better Air for Utah


Welcome. We’re a group of citizens concerned about air quality and health in Utah. We are also committed to making sure that the Air Quality Board enacts a more reasonable solution than Governor Herbert’s proposed total ban on wood burning during the winter months.

We know there’s a better way forward and it involves burning wood responsibly, in the right way and at the right times.

We support the right for all to burn wood responsibly using modern, EPA-certified wood stoves, pellet stoves or masonry heaters, which are scientifically proven to cut smoky emissions by up to 90 percent.

Residents who have already invested in cleaner wood-burning technologies should have their voices heard. The Governor’s proposed seasonal ban discourages Utahns from investing in cleaner wood-burning appliances, defeating the purpose of improving air quality in our state.


The coalition feels strongly that the Air Quality Board should consider a complete exemption for all EPA-certified wood burning heat sources on Stage One air quality days.

Other communities throughout the west have found success with a similar TWO STAGE approach.

  • STAGE ONE prohibits the use of all open or uncertified heat sources (but allows low emission sources like EPA-certified wood stoves to be used)
  • STAGE TWO restricts all wood burning heat sources on red air days or their equivalent.

Let’s support those who have invested in cleaner burning technology and provide a way for responsible wood burning to continue in Utah using this reasonable TWO STAGE approach.


Utahns for Responsible Burning developed this website so concerned citizens can get informed and get involved. We encourage you to:


Rather than outlawing all burning, Utah can better meet the needs of its people by encouraging increased use of low-emission hearth products that give off up to 90 percent less smoke than older technology. We’ll be posting here often to share resources and reference materials for responsible wood burning, as well as information and news to keep you informed and connected to this important issue.